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The things that matter

It's been awhile since I actually had real stuff to write about. That's because not much really happens in my life. It's kinda sad, really. Lately, I've been doing nothing except for going to school, doing homework, working out... and that's it. Work doesn't give me any hours anymore cuz we just hired a bunch of new people and once again, we are overstaffed and the scheduling manager sucks major balls. Big time. She's not that smart. Ahem.

Speaking of school, for the longest time, I've been dreaming really big. I really want that glamorous lifestyle in the future, and the two careers that I want to do... well, they're completely different from each other, which sucks big time. I don't want to take a bunch of classes that help me reach one career, then change my mind later. I keep going back and forth between dentistry and law. It's obvious that dentistry will make me more money... but then again, if I work really hard and end up being really good at what I do, law could give me that life too. Honestly, I would rather do law because you don't have to take science, because I hate science. But then again, dentistry gives me more money... hahaha, and that's what I want. And lots of lawyers graduate outta law school and end up not making much money at all. Damn. *shudder* The thought of law school makes me shiver. Scaaary...

Chris is going back to working night shifts, which means I'll see him next to never. : ( Hopefully it won't be too bad...

Okay, well, I've been putting chem homework off for awhile, so I gotta do it. Bye!

P.S. Go see Fantastic Four. Haha, BEST summer movie. LoL.
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