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I resent myspace right now...

Last dream: Hmm... I really can't remember... probably something with the guy that plays Dean on Gilmore Girls. Haha... he's always in my dreams somehow and I don't even like him that much.
Last car ride: About 20 minutes ago on the way home from the movies
Last kiss: Chris, last Tuesday
Last good cry: Probably last Sunday night... I was laughing so hard that I was in tears. Hahaha...
Last missing library book: Considering I haven't gone to the library in like, a thousand years...
Last movie seen: At theaters, War of the Worlds and at home, Coach Carter
Last book read: Hell if I remember... that doesn't make me sound too good, does it? Heh heh...
Last cuss word uttered: What the fuck?
Last beverage drank: Diet Mountain Dew
Last food consumed: Rice... how Asian of me. Haha.
Last crush: Hmm... probably Cody, the time before I actually dated him. Meh.
Last TV show watched: The O.C., of course!
Last item Bought: Coach Carter DVD
Last time showered: Yesterday
Last shoes worn: Tall black Aldo's
Last CD played: A mix in my car
Last annoyance: My mom cuz she asked a question every two seconds at the movies
Last downloaded: A song
Last disappointment: Getting a C on my first exam in chem when I actually studied for it!!!
Last soda drank: Diet Mountain Dew
Last thing written: Some notes on paper for chemistry
Last key used: Car key
Last word spoken: You scared me!
Last trip to the bathroom: After I came home from the movies
Last sleep: Earlier this morning
Last IM: Probably Becca
Last sexual fantasy: AHAHAHA... um... I think it was with some famous person... but I don't remember who it was. It was pretty fun though.
Last orgasm: *mumbles*
Last weird encounter: Uh... I don't remember. I don't get too many weird encounters.
Last store shopped at: Target... booyah.
Last ice cream eatten: I don't remember, but I'm about to eat some after this.
Last time amused: Every day with my brother
Last time wanting to die: The day I got the tattoo on my back. Holy crap. I don't even want to think about that.
Last time in love: With Chris, the entire time.
Last time hugged: Today
Last time scolded: Pfft, every fricken day.
Last time resentful: Today, cuz my myspace is under routine maintenance. WTF? GRR!
Last chair sat in: The one I'm in right now, genius.
Last lipstick used: The awesome Victoria's Secret stuff two weekends ago at my cousin's wedding.
Last underwear worn: Pink Vicky's Secret
Last bra worn: Black "Body by Victoria" bra
Last shirt worn: Red Hollister tee
Last class attended: Chem, yesterday
Last final taken: Three weeks ago, sociology. Ew.
Last time dancing: Last Friday for Sonics practice
Last poster looked at: The Wedding Crashers poster at the theaters... I can't wait to see that.
Last concert attended: JBB 7, last December
Last webpage visited: Hotmail.com
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