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Hello Kitty!

Hey Everyone!!!

I loooooove my new layout. Hehehe... it's just too damn cute!
Today has been completely uneventful. Oh no, I lied... I went to the gym for the first time in two weeks!!! OMG! But I gotta say that my workout was quite awesome. I feel so exhilirated. Woohoo! The scale says that I have kept off the weight that I lost, which is good, but I'm sure the scale's lying cuz I haven't felt so great lately. Like, looks-wise. Haha. Probably cuz when I was in California I didn't eat much, so when I came home, I foun food to be completely fascinating. Oh yah, speaking of California, if anyone wants to see my pics, they're posted at this website...


And they're under "California pics".... duh.

It sucks so bad that I'm in school during the summer. But oh well... it's only six-weeks or so long. Not too bad.
I bought Coach Carter today. OMG that movie is so good.

Okay, I gotta go study. Bye!
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