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Ew, it's Sunday


Hmm... I'm not even sure what I'm updating about cuz really, there isn't much to update on. Hmm...

Well uh, school's almost over, which means if I don't kick my own ass in math I'll be regretting it. Geez. I hate school. But hey, summer's coming up. Oh wait, doesn't matter cuz I'm taking two classes this summer. Ugh. I'm crazy. Math and astronomy. LoL. I need ten more science credits, and one class has to be a lab science. I've already taken environmental science fall quarter, and then astronomy summer quarter. I was thinkin about taking oceanography for winter quarter for my lab science. I'm excited. I heard it's an easy class. Then fall quarter I'm probably taking English 201 (research paper writing class... muahaha), hopefully Math 156 (college alg. for business and social sciences), and an Intro to Information Technology class. Agh... seems like an assload of homework quarter. Ew. Oh well, regardless of classes, it'll be a great summer. I have so many things to look forward to. California, dance team tryouts, Oregon, Hawaii... I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Speaking of dance team tryouts, my application came yesterday!!! *is extremely excited* I've also been kickin my own ass at the gym too. I've been going pretty much every day that I don't have to work... which is pretty often lately cuz my work is pretty retarded and is so inconsistent on their hours. But whatever. I'm gonna head off to the gym in an hour or so.

I'm especially excited about my week in California. I'm going in less than a month!!! *is excited again* Time to paint the city of L.A. red. HEHE!!! I swear, if I run into any movie stars, I'll be the typical loser-fanatic who whips out her camera phone. HAHAHA. Unless it's Brad Pitt... then I might get a bit psychotic. LoL. JK JK.

Oh yah, an update. Me and Chris are dating again. Haha. Well, we're not boyfriend-girlfriend or anything yet, but we're "seeing each other". It's always this exact time of year that things always start up between us again. LoL. How annoying... but oh well. It's cool.

OMG, American Idol finale this week. If Carrie doesn't win... there's something wrong with this country. Haha. Oh well, she gets a record deal anyway... so I guess it doesn't really matter, right? Yah.

Um... okay, now I'm outta things to say again. Well... I'm gonna get ready to go to the gym, then I have an assload of math homework to do... and study. Ugh. I'm not really sure what to do but I have so much catching up to do. Again, ugh. Bye.
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