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OMG people... just to let you know that I am so extremely sleepy right now. I planned on going straight to bed when I came home from Becca's last night, but I ended up staying online til 2 talking to people... all my boys. Haha. Like, Akira, Anthony, Kevin, Cody, Chris, Danny... all the cool boys in my life. Haha. So after getting offline, I couldn't sleep, so I watched TV for another hour or so. OMG I wanted to kill myself waking up at 7:30 this morning. Geez.

But hey! On a good note... school was cheesy easy today. Math was canceled today, so I only went to sociology and spanish. I love it. I'm so scared. My sociology midterm is in three days. *screams* I'm in some deep trouble now. See, this is why you shouldn't procrastinate. It'll come back and bite you in the ass. Just like it did for me.
There was like, no one in spanish today. It was so weird. My latte was so freakin good. Tasty, tasty.

So who watched the O.C. last night??? Holy crap. Two of the most intense episodes I have ever seen. Kirsten in the car accident at the end??? Yah, we all sat there with our hands over our mouths in shock for about 10 minutes. Haha. It was so sad!!! And I wanted to stab some fuckin characters on the show. Like Caleb, Trey, and Marissa. Marissa is so retarded. GRR!
But all in all, it's always so much fun at Becca's. Hehe. Cept I'm sure I gain about 10 pounds every Thursday from all the pizza we eat. Ew. Haha.

I'm sooo excited. Gonna go see House of Wax later with Chris. I've been waiting forever for this movie to come out. It has hott people in it (Jared Padelecki... I absolutely loooove him, CMM, and Elisha Cuthbert)... plus, it'll make my day to watch Paris Hilton's death scene. Muahahaha.

Anywayz, I gotta pick my brother up from school. Here're some cool things... check em out.

Look at my cousin Anthony's dog... isn't she CUUUTE!!!

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Holy crap everyone... to anyone who cares... you gotta watch this.
This is Galaxy's coed team at Nationals like, a month ago. They are so freakin good. I was eating when I saw this and I almost choked. Haha. And was pretty much in tears. Ahaha. But yah, trust me.. watch it. It's freakin amazing.
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