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Blah, I hate being sick

Why the hell am I always getting sick? Maybe my mom's right... I Don't eat enough fruits and veggies. That's probably why. Meh, my immune system sucks balls man. Grr. Sorry, graphic. It's so embarrassing sitting in class and always sniffling and snorting cuz your nose is so effing stuffed up. I'm bitter, sorry. I think I may have gotten my cold from my dad. My dad's really sick too. Actually, I'm not really sick... just normal sick. My throat doesn't hurt this time... I just can't breathe... which is just as bad.

Anywayz, started school at BCC yesterday. I love it. I absolutely love it. The classes are way shorter and I can actually concentrate now. Haha. All my teachers seem really cool. The only thing that sucks is that I only have 10 minutes between each class to get to the next one. I won't have any social time to see my cousin or my friends. Oh well. And my math book weighs about 50 pounds, geezes christ.

So this weekend is all good to go. My friends are going and we all got onto the guestlist at Club Atlantis. *is very excited* It should be so much fun. And did I mention the first 100 girls in on Friday night get a free alcohol drink pass?! RIGHT ON! Hahaha... um, yah. Plus, it's Faith Evan's album-release party that night too. I'm so ecstatic!!! AHH! I can't wait for this week to be over. Then Friday can come and all will be awesome.

Oh yah, so I hate working Monday evenings. I have to work with the most annoying person ever. She's in full-on California Valleygirl mode every single second of her life. Geezes Christ. SOOO ANNOYING. Thank God Monday is only one night a week or I'll kill myself. But on a good note, Becca got hired at Ruby's!!! She's my second TJ Maxx person to be hired there so all will be fun again.

But yah, gotta get ready for school. See ya!
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