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It's bangin awesome!


Holy shit, we just came back from our dance clinic for the preparation for the Sonics dance team tryouts. Today's clinic was 100% easier and better than the first time we went. The first class was like, murder-suicide. But today, the girls that taught us were a bit slower and the dance was a million times easier. It was to "1, 2, Step" and the dance was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! It made me so happy. Hehe.

Anywayz, I am extremely hot right now from dancing and I feel really gross. Ew. But yah, I'm gettin ready to leave so I can go to Camano with Laurie and people for a fun night. We're not even staying that long. We just wanted to show the dance to some people, play some games, do whatever, then drive back later tonight. It better be fun cuz I hate wastin my gas.

I have very little plans this weekend. Gotta work for the first time in forever on Sunday (with people I don't particularly like...) and then my cousin's "house-warming" party is on the 4th. It'll be tight. Muahahaha...

Haha. Bye!
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