Olivia (crazieoveryou) wrote,

Holy hell

I really wanted to go to sleep early tonight... and looking at the clock, obviously that didn't happen. Haha.

I'm so bored. Not even sure why I'm updating cuz well, there's really nothing to update. Oh wait... well, not really. Work has really gotten on my last nerve. The managers are all a bunch of assholes. All the good ones left and now we're all managed by corporate assholes with sticks up their asses. It's like TJ Maxx all over again. Too bad PF Chang's was the only good place I've worked at. Meh. I miss it there.

I took a math test today and only got stuck on ONE problem. Holy crap that's awesome. I'm sure I got some questions wrong... but at least I knew what I was doing. Thank God.

Me and Chris are doin good... but what a surprise, right? We'll see.

Akira isn't with Peggy anymore. Never thought I'd see that day. Haha. And the weird thing... now that he's available, I want him less. Probably cuz I have someone of my own now... but I'm just saying. It's odd. We're still best friends though. It's cool.

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