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OMG... I am a loser with a growing brain tumor. *knock on wood* I have NEVER even given a damn to vote on American Idol before... but this season I am crazy, I wanted to, and Carrie is awesome. I think I must've called in (with both my cell and my brother's, might I add) about a thousand times... and I actually got my vote in around 68 times. HAHAHAHA... wow.... I really need to get a life. Haha. Actually, this is just a one time thing. I usually don't do this. Haha. But I really like Carrie... so... yah. Wow... now my head hurts, my hands hurt, and I'm extremely hot from the cell phones. GRR.

Well she'd better win or I'll rage. At least 68 or so of the votes came from me. Haha.

Good night.
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