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The weather is jacked up

Hey everyone,

How's it goin? Dude, for the past three days, driving to school I drove through pretty much all four damn seasons. Wednesday it started sprinkling as I got onto I-405. Then between Totem Lake and Kirkland, it poured. Like I had my windshield wipers going ballistic and I still couldn't see a thing. But by the time I passed the exit to Costco, it stopped raining and hailed like there was no tomorrow. Then between then and Bellevue, it stopped hailing and starting to rain again. FINALLY... when I reached Bellevue Comm College, it was bright and sunny. WTF??? Thursday was the exact same thing... same pattern and everything. And then today was the same, except it was reversed. It was sunny at my house, so I didn't bring a coat. Then afterschool it was raining like The Day After Tomorrow. And there I was, freezing, wet, and had no jacket. GREAT. I hate this weather. Curses.

This week has gone by so slow. I'm so tired of school right now. And figures I've decided to take summer courses too. I just wanna be done with school and havea job. A good job though, not a shitty one.

Holy hell, I thought the first season finale of The O.C. was good... yesterday's topped it. Wow... first off, I was extremely stoked that Jimmmy and Hailey came back. And the scenes with Kirsten and Seth got me all teary-eyed. Awww...
And Marissa killed Trey??? Who the hell woulda even thought she even knew how to fire a gun? Haha. Everyone thinks she's gonna go to jail... but Can she? She did it outta self-defense cuz he almost killed Ryan! Whatever. I hated that bastard anyway (Trey, not Ryan). Oh yah... and that Jess chick... she needs to be shot too. Ew. I hate how she tries to be all gangster and badass. "Who's the bitch now?!" HAHAHAHA... whatta joke.

I am so relieved it's Friday. Thank God. I'm about to go to the gym. I'm starting to get back into my weekly gym committment again. I NEED TO FIRM UP! LoL. Why? Cuz I'm tryin out for the Sonics Dance Team this summer!!! (and every summer afterwards, until I'm too old to try out , until I make it, damn it!) My old cheer coach from Galaxy knows the dance team coach and referred me to her. I was flattered. Haha. I mean... I may not be as in shape as the girls on the team... but hey, I can change that... hopefully. Haha. But I think I have as good as shot as anyone else does. I mean, I pick up dance moves very quickly and I've done hip hop for four years and competitive cheerleading for two years... so... that's a lot of experience. And oh yah, I even made a college cheer squad. So that's gotta mean something right? Hopefully that means that I don't suck. Heh. I hope.

So yah... about to go to the gym, then hangin out at Chris' place later tonight. Our usual movie nights. Hehe. How cute.

Have a great Friday, everyone! xoxo
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