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It gets my blood up


Tonight was very... dramatic. HAHA. At least it was for me. First off...

I spent the entire morning finishing my math homework, which I thought I totally understood and I was all happy about it. Went to school. Got back my spanish test. A's on both of em. Good, good. Then I went to math to take a quiz on the shit that I did last night... failed it. HOW THE HELL DO I DO THAT?!??! I swear, these tests are killing me slowly. I might as well be eaten alive slowly by ants. I totally thought I understood it too. I got pretty much all the answers right on the homework. I hate school. I would totally drop out cept I don't wanna be homeless and living off food stamps in the future. God damn it.

However, I went to the group interview for Hollister today. I think I made myself stand out. The interviewer was only 23 and he was really cool. He went to WWU, so when he saw that I cheered for WWU, I got bonus points for that. Plus I was one of the few people who actually brought their resumes. Haha. AND when he asked if anyone had questions, only me and this other girl asked questions... which shows that we aren't afraid to speak up. I really want this job. The discount the first two weeks is 40% off. *drools* We're supposed to hear back tomorrow. LUCK!

Gilmore Girls tonight made me want to punch someone in the face. I wanna kill Rory. What a complete DUMBASS. But Lorelai and Luke?? OMG... I can't believe they just ended it right after the big moment. Well I knew they would.... but they shouldn't have!!! I can't wait til September! I'll shrivel up and die!!! God that's sad how into the shows I am. Damn. I need a life.
Speaking of TV, I actually voted on American Idol tonight. Haha. I kept calling til I heard, "Thanks for voting for me, Carrie!" Haha. Cute.

So yah... it's established. I'm a loser. HAHA.

OMG I've craving cereal.

Good night!
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