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How do I get you alone?

Listening to a classic song...

A N Y W A Y S . . .

How has everyone's day been? Mine's been super! Well, besides the fact that my hair doesn't agree with me today (grr), everything has been all right! I actually went to sociology today. Haha. I can tell the teacher hates me now... but oh well. As long as I always get A's on my papers and assignments right? Oh damn, there's still participation points... heh heh heh. Great. Well, the days that I Do go, I actually participate. I talk! All right?!

Spanish class is such a snooze, even though the teacher is awesome. So far everything's a review for me and I'm bored to death. I swear, when I'm in that class, all I do is zone out, try hard not to fall asleep, and for some reason, the Twilight Zone theme always plays in my head. Huh??? Not sure why. It's strange. And to top it off, I bought a cappuchino today before spanish. Not only did I burn my tongue, but it was the worst tasting thing ever. OMG. I wanted to rage. LOL. So instead I spent more money and bought water. GRR. I hate having to pay for water, but hey, anything tops that nasty-ass cappuchino.

Math class was all right. My teacher showed up about 10 minutes late so Sara and I just went and got food. Hehe. My scone is still in my backpack... I should probably go get it before I smash it into a million pieces without my knowledge and then I'll find a nice, crumbly mess at the bottom of my bag later. Haha. Sounds like something I would do...

Two hours of the O.C. tonight!!! I'm so overly exhilerated!!! LoL. 'Cept the trailers showed me many things that I'm sure will have me shouting vulgar words at the TV screen. >:-O YES, I am THAT into it, so shut up.

I really gotta start my sociology paper. I have a midterm in that class on Monday. All the stuff is from the book that we've been assigned to read... and I haven't read more than two pages. I hate assigned reading... especially when it's boring. My paper that's due tomorrow should be no problem though. Nooooo problemo. Hehe. Paper's are my specialty. And I'm about to head down to the Bellevue Library to meet up with Anthony and Kevin so I can help them write their papers. LoL. I loooove going to school with my family and friends. It's cool.

So yah... no more slacking. Gotta get some work done before going to my sexy BECCA's tonight!!! *is excited*

Bye now!
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