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What's up all my pimps and ho's!?


I'm so uber excited because tomorrow night there will be... you ready?... brace yourself... TWO FULL HOURS OF THE O.C.!!! OMG just thinking about it is orgasmic. HAHA... not really, but you know. LoL.
So I'm a loser and I still watch American Idol. Cept I only start watching when they're down to their final 10. Who here was glad that Anthony wasn't voted off tonight? He shouldnt have!!! It's his birthday, damn it! That would've been so cruel! I didn't like Scott... so so long! Carrie or Vonzell HAVE to win!!! You understand?!

School's been kickin me in the ass lately. Why? Couldn't tell ya. But grr... I need to catch up or I can kiss UW good bye.
Oh yes... went clubbing with my girl friends at Catwalk last Friday. It was so much freakin fun!!! It was the first time I didn't mind dancing with guys. Haha. Probably cuz I actually am friends with the guys... haha. Dancing with Akira was awesome... considering I've wanted to since, well, forever. His fuckin girlfriend didn't go. Hahahaha... oh well, doesn't mean anything though. He's my bestest friend.

Things with Cody have cooled. Haha. We're still together, but uh... it's definitely interesting. LOL. Oh well. Don't really care. My love life isn't my main interest nowadays. Oh yah, and I'm hanging out with Chris on Friday. Can't wait. We're still doing great. So yah.

I am sooo friggin sleepy. So I'm gonna head out early. Night!
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