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Hey everyone!

I'm so excited. My cousin just emailed me my flight number and the dates I'm gonna be there and all that fun stuff. *is excited* I'm arriving June 18th and then coming home the 26th. I'm so excited. Hehe. I especially can't wait til August when I get to go to Hawaii. AAAH!!! I want school to be over with NOW!!!

So updates on my life...

Work has been pretty lame lately cuz they have been really cutting down on people's hours cuz they hire way too many damn people. Grr. They took my Wednesdays away from me so now I work Mondays and Sundays. GAY! I can pretty much kiss my plans of moving out goodbye! I ask for more hours but nooo... damn managers. At this rate, I won't be able to move out til I get engaged. GRR! My paychecks are starting to look pretty sad.
As for my love life, Cody and I are officially dating now. Haha. Yah... took long enough, right? It's been going good so far, cuz you know how it is... couples who're friends first usually work out pretty good. As for the long run, I honestly don't think it'll last that long. For one thing, we only get to see each other... well, not much. We talk on the phone everyday, but it's not the same. It's not like I'm sad about it though cuz I'm a busy person too. We're both just busy people and having a relationship doesn't really help it. Haha. It's worth a shot though. Cuz if not, we'll still always be friends. Whatever way it turns out works for me. But so far... I'm pretty happy with the way things are. It's nice to have someone... uh, again. On a good note, he's looking into moving in with his brother, who lives in Kirkland. So hey, good news right? Right.

Schools all right. I have so much stuff to do this week. Our first big essay is due in sociology on Friday. DAMN. First time I have no idea what to write. Grr. I hate this. I also have a test in spanish tomorrow but that should be cake. And math can just kiss my ass. I hate math.

I gotta get ready to leave. I'm gonna go have lunch with Laurie. So... see ya!

Okay, so I would KILL to be her. LoL. Yah, totally random, but I absolutely love her. Haha.

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