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School is just so grand, dontcha think?

What's up everyone?

Not much happenin for me. I got to school around 10:15 today and surprisingly found a parking spot after just a minute of looking. That is such progres. I can already tell today's going to be a good day. Hehe. It's Friday... and who doesn't love Fridays???

I'm in sociology class right now. We're in the computer lab today and I love it. We get to surf the web for articles... and since I found mine pretty early, I have nothing to do. So I'm messaging with some friends through myspace. Haha. I'm so bored.

Plans for today are gettin' me all excited. Some time after school I'm gonna go see The Amityville Horror with some friends, getting dinner, then hanging out with Cody. I haven't seen him since like, January. Things with him and I started to pick up again (NOT like THAT though... like, for real)... but things keep running hot and cold for me when it comes to him. On some days he makes me all giddy and then on some days I'm just like, "Meh..."
And today's one of those days... even though we're hanging out later tonight. Haha. I don't think I'll ever date him, even though he's brought it up like, a million times. He's just not my type. Blah.

It's only 11:12 AM... what to do, what to do?...

I could go find Akira in the cafeteria and go hang out with him... considering I haven't hung out with him since like, the weekend after his birthday. Geez.

Oh yah... Canada last weekend was soooo incredibly much fun. Too bad I got sick last Friday night and could hardly remember how drunk I was the night before. HAHAHA... and last weekend was all just trying to get over the worst hangover on earth. Ew.... if I have to relive that I'll kill myself. Haha.

So yah... I'm tired of typing. Good day everyone! xoxo
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