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School's almost out! [29 Jul 2005|12:00pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I'm so excited for the next two weeks you don't even know. Okay, that was complete sarcasm. Chem class has been biting me in the ass lately. So incredibly boring. UGH. But hey, I'm actually looking forward to fall quarter! I'm taking a business law class, english 201 (the research paper writing class... can anyone say... easy A?? Haha), and... shitty level math. Haha. Why do I suck at life so much? LoL... well anywayz...

I went to Wild Waves again two days ago. It was a blast!! I didn't take too many pics... but here're some...

Wild Waves PicsCollapse )

Yah... so fun times! Anywayz... hmm... Chris and I got back together, did I mention that? Well, we did. It's great! Hehe. Oh yes, I am going out clubbing tonight at the new one at the EMP, Level 3... first time in quite awhile! I had gotten really tired of it for awhile, but my cousin and Akira invited me and Lisa to go tonight for their friend's birthday... so why not? I'll probably take pics of tonight too so I'll be posting em soon.

All right, I am starving and a half... time for food!

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The things that matter [10 Jul 2005|09:30pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

It's been awhile since I actually had real stuff to write about. That's because not much really happens in my life. It's kinda sad, really. Lately, I've been doing nothing except for going to school, doing homework, working out... and that's it. Work doesn't give me any hours anymore cuz we just hired a bunch of new people and once again, we are overstaffed and the scheduling manager sucks major balls. Big time. She's not that smart. Ahem.

Speaking of school, for the longest time, I've been dreaming really big. I really want that glamorous lifestyle in the future, and the two careers that I want to do... well, they're completely different from each other, which sucks big time. I don't want to take a bunch of classes that help me reach one career, then change my mind later. I keep going back and forth between dentistry and law. It's obvious that dentistry will make me more money... but then again, if I work really hard and end up being really good at what I do, law could give me that life too. Honestly, I would rather do law because you don't have to take science, because I hate science. But then again, dentistry gives me more money... hahaha, and that's what I want. And lots of lawyers graduate outta law school and end up not making much money at all. Damn. *shudder* The thought of law school makes me shiver. Scaaary...

Chris is going back to working night shifts, which means I'll see him next to never. : ( Hopefully it won't be too bad...

Okay, well, I've been putting chem homework off for awhile, so I gotta do it. Bye!

P.S. Go see Fantastic Four. Haha, BEST summer movie. LoL.

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I resent myspace right now... [06 Jul 2005|09:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Last dream: Hmm... I really can't remember... probably something with the guy that plays Dean on Gilmore Girls. Haha... he's always in my dreams somehow and I don't even like him that much.
Last car ride: About 20 minutes ago on the way home from the movies
Last kiss: Chris, last Tuesday
Last good cry: Probably last Sunday night... I was laughing so hard that I was in tears. Hahaha...
Last missing library book: Considering I haven't gone to the library in like, a thousand years...
Last movie seen: At theaters, War of the Worlds and at home, Coach Carter
Last book read: Hell if I remember... that doesn't make me sound too good, does it? Heh heh...
Last cuss word uttered: What the fuck?
Last beverage drank: Diet Mountain Dew
Last food consumed: Rice... how Asian of me. Haha.
Last crush: Hmm... probably Cody, the time before I actually dated him. Meh.
Last TV show watched: The O.C., of course!
Last item Bought: Coach Carter DVD
Last time showered: Yesterday
Last shoes worn: Tall black Aldo's
Last CD played: A mix in my car
Last annoyance: My mom cuz she asked a question every two seconds at the movies
Last downloaded: A song
Last disappointment: Getting a C on my first exam in chem when I actually studied for it!!!
Last soda drank: Diet Mountain Dew
Last thing written: Some notes on paper for chemistry
Last key used: Car key
Last word spoken: You scared me!
Last trip to the bathroom: After I came home from the movies
Last sleep: Earlier this morning
Last IM: Probably Becca
Last sexual fantasy: AHAHAHA... um... I think it was with some famous person... but I don't remember who it was. It was pretty fun though.
Last orgasm: *mumbles*
Last weird encounter: Uh... I don't remember. I don't get too many weird encounters.
Last store shopped at: Target... booyah.
Last ice cream eatten: I don't remember, but I'm about to eat some after this.
Last time amused: Every day with my brother
Last time wanting to die: The day I got the tattoo on my back. Holy crap. I don't even want to think about that.
Last time in love: With Chris, the entire time.
Last time hugged: Today
Last time scolded: Pfft, every fricken day.
Last time resentful: Today, cuz my myspace is under routine maintenance. WTF? GRR!
Last chair sat in: The one I'm in right now, genius.
Last lipstick used: The awesome Victoria's Secret stuff two weekends ago at my cousin's wedding.
Last underwear worn: Pink Vicky's Secret
Last bra worn: Black "Body by Victoria" bra
Last shirt worn: Red Hollister tee
Last class attended: Chem, yesterday
Last final taken: Three weeks ago, sociology. Ew.
Last time dancing: Last Friday for Sonics practice
Last poster looked at: The Wedding Crashers poster at the theaters... I can't wait to see that.
Last concert attended: JBB 7, last December
Last webpage visited: Hotmail.com

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Hello Kitty! [06 Jul 2005|04:27pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Hey Everyone!!!

I loooooove my new layout. Hehehe... it's just too damn cute!
Today has been completely uneventful. Oh no, I lied... I went to the gym for the first time in two weeks!!! OMG! But I gotta say that my workout was quite awesome. I feel so exhilirated. Woohoo! The scale says that I have kept off the weight that I lost, which is good, but I'm sure the scale's lying cuz I haven't felt so great lately. Like, looks-wise. Haha. Probably cuz when I was in California I didn't eat much, so when I came home, I foun food to be completely fascinating. Oh yah, speaking of California, if anyone wants to see my pics, they're posted at this website...


And they're under "California pics".... duh.

It sucks so bad that I'm in school during the summer. But oh well... it's only six-weeks or so long. Not too bad.
I bought Coach Carter today. OMG that movie is so good.

Okay, I gotta go study. Bye!

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Must... keep... eyes... open... [04 Jul 2005|01:30am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Good evening,

Waking up at 7:30 AM was so painful for me this morning. Blah... Today was the first day that I worked in like, two weeks cuz I've been gone. It's still shitty, but our incredibly jackassy-gay manager got fired yesterday. So I guess there's ONE thing to be happy about. Everything else is still the same. The job is still gay and pays jack and the hours are still shitty. But I guess that just means I gotta search even harder for a better job and for a better pay.

I got off work around 3:30 and then went home, took a shower and got the nasty feeling of work off of me. I didn't have much to do so I watched TV for a bit. Around 8:00, I went to go get Thai food with Anthony and Akira. Anthony was going clubbing tonight so Akira just came over and we went to Blockbuster and we got The Incredibles. Haha it's such a funny movie. He stayed til around 1:00 AM, then went home. It's always fun hangin out with my best pal.

I am so incredibly sleepy that it's not even funny. I think I might go watch some OC for a bit then head off to sleep. Luckily, I get to sleep in tomorrow. Wooooohoooo!!! And tomrrow's the 4th of July!!! Any plans anyone?

Good night!!

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It's bangin awesome! [01 Jul 2005|08:53pm]
[ mood | hot ]


Holy shit, we just came back from our dance clinic for the preparation for the Sonics dance team tryouts. Today's clinic was 100% easier and better than the first time we went. The first class was like, murder-suicide. But today, the girls that taught us were a bit slower and the dance was a million times easier. It was to "1, 2, Step" and the dance was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! It made me so happy. Hehe.

Anywayz, I am extremely hot right now from dancing and I feel really gross. Ew. But yah, I'm gettin ready to leave so I can go to Camano with Laurie and people for a fun night. We're not even staying that long. We just wanted to show the dance to some people, play some games, do whatever, then drive back later tonight. It better be fun cuz I hate wastin my gas.

I have very little plans this weekend. Gotta work for the first time in forever on Sunday (with people I don't particularly like...) and then my cousin's "house-warming" party is on the 4th. It'll be tight. Muahahaha...

Haha. Bye!

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It's been a long, long time... [30 Jun 2005|09:01pm]
[ mood | full ]


How's about a welcome-back partay for me with my livejournal? Anyone? Anyone? Haha... okay, I guess it's just me then. I have decided that neglecting my livejournal was really mean of me and I have kept things kept inside for so long that, well, now it's time to come out.

Okay so that was a bit dramatic. I don't have huge issues to discuss...

And this is a very pointless entry because I actually have to run. Got things to do. So... this is just a first entry of many to come.

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Holy hell [09 Jun 2005|12:21am]
I really wanted to go to sleep early tonight... and looking at the clock, obviously that didn't happen. Haha.

I'm so bored. Not even sure why I'm updating cuz well, there's really nothing to update. Oh wait... well, not really. Work has really gotten on my last nerve. The managers are all a bunch of assholes. All the good ones left and now we're all managed by corporate assholes with sticks up their asses. It's like TJ Maxx all over again. Too bad PF Chang's was the only good place I've worked at. Meh. I miss it there.

I took a math test today and only got stuck on ONE problem. Holy crap that's awesome. I'm sure I got some questions wrong... but at least I knew what I was doing. Thank God.

Me and Chris are doin good... but what a surprise, right? We'll see.

Akira isn't with Peggy anymore. Never thought I'd see that day. Haha. And the weird thing... now that he's available, I want him less. Probably cuz I have someone of my own now... but I'm just saying. It's odd. We're still best friends though. It's cool.

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Meh [24 May 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | hot ]

OMG... I am a loser with a growing brain tumor. *knock on wood* I have NEVER even given a damn to vote on American Idol before... but this season I am crazy, I wanted to, and Carrie is awesome. I think I must've called in (with both my cell and my brother's, might I add) about a thousand times... and I actually got my vote in around 68 times. HAHAHAHA... wow.... I really need to get a life. Haha. Actually, this is just a one time thing. I usually don't do this. Haha. But I really like Carrie... so... yah. Wow... now my head hurts, my hands hurt, and I'm extremely hot from the cell phones. GRR.

Well she'd better win or I'll rage. At least 68 or so of the votes came from me. Haha.

Good night.

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Ew, it's Sunday [22 May 2005|11:19am]
[ mood | busy ]


Hmm... I'm not even sure what I'm updating about cuz really, there isn't much to update on. Hmm...

Well uh, school's almost over, which means if I don't kick my own ass in math I'll be regretting it. Geez. I hate school. But hey, summer's coming up. Oh wait, doesn't matter cuz I'm taking two classes this summer. Ugh. I'm crazy. Math and astronomy. LoL. I need ten more science credits, and one class has to be a lab science. I've already taken environmental science fall quarter, and then astronomy summer quarter. I was thinkin about taking oceanography for winter quarter for my lab science. I'm excited. I heard it's an easy class. Then fall quarter I'm probably taking English 201 (research paper writing class... muahaha), hopefully Math 156 (college alg. for business and social sciences), and an Intro to Information Technology class. Agh... seems like an assload of homework quarter. Ew. Oh well, regardless of classes, it'll be a great summer. I have so many things to look forward to. California, dance team tryouts, Oregon, Hawaii... I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Speaking of dance team tryouts, my application came yesterday!!! *is extremely excited* I've also been kickin my own ass at the gym too. I've been going pretty much every day that I don't have to work... which is pretty often lately cuz my work is pretty retarded and is so inconsistent on their hours. But whatever. I'm gonna head off to the gym in an hour or so.

I'm especially excited about my week in California. I'm going in less than a month!!! *is excited again* Time to paint the city of L.A. red. HEHE!!! I swear, if I run into any movie stars, I'll be the typical loser-fanatic who whips out her camera phone. HAHAHA. Unless it's Brad Pitt... then I might get a bit psychotic. LoL. JK JK.

Oh yah, an update. Me and Chris are dating again. Haha. Well, we're not boyfriend-girlfriend or anything yet, but we're "seeing each other". It's always this exact time of year that things always start up between us again. LoL. How annoying... but oh well. It's cool.

OMG, American Idol finale this week. If Carrie doesn't win... there's something wrong with this country. Haha. Oh well, she gets a record deal anyway... so I guess it doesn't really matter, right? Yah.

Um... okay, now I'm outta things to say again. Well... I'm gonna get ready to go to the gym, then I have an assload of math homework to do... and study. Ugh. I'm not really sure what to do but I have so much catching up to do. Again, ugh. Bye.

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The weather is jacked up [20 May 2005|03:37pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hey everyone,

How's it goin? Dude, for the past three days, driving to school I drove through pretty much all four damn seasons. Wednesday it started sprinkling as I got onto I-405. Then between Totem Lake and Kirkland, it poured. Like I had my windshield wipers going ballistic and I still couldn't see a thing. But by the time I passed the exit to Costco, it stopped raining and hailed like there was no tomorrow. Then between then and Bellevue, it stopped hailing and starting to rain again. FINALLY... when I reached Bellevue Comm College, it was bright and sunny. WTF??? Thursday was the exact same thing... same pattern and everything. And then today was the same, except it was reversed. It was sunny at my house, so I didn't bring a coat. Then afterschool it was raining like The Day After Tomorrow. And there I was, freezing, wet, and had no jacket. GREAT. I hate this weather. Curses.

This week has gone by so slow. I'm so tired of school right now. And figures I've decided to take summer courses too. I just wanna be done with school and havea job. A good job though, not a shitty one.

Holy hell, I thought the first season finale of The O.C. was good... yesterday's topped it. Wow... first off, I was extremely stoked that Jimmmy and Hailey came back. And the scenes with Kirsten and Seth got me all teary-eyed. Awww...
And Marissa killed Trey??? Who the hell woulda even thought she even knew how to fire a gun? Haha. Everyone thinks she's gonna go to jail... but Can she? She did it outta self-defense cuz he almost killed Ryan! Whatever. I hated that bastard anyway (Trey, not Ryan). Oh yah... and that Jess chick... she needs to be shot too. Ew. I hate how she tries to be all gangster and badass. "Who's the bitch now?!" HAHAHAHA... whatta joke.

I am so relieved it's Friday. Thank God. I'm about to go to the gym. I'm starting to get back into my weekly gym committment again. I NEED TO FIRM UP! LoL. Why? Cuz I'm tryin out for the Sonics Dance Team this summer!!! (and every summer afterwards, until I'm too old to try out , until I make it, damn it!) My old cheer coach from Galaxy knows the dance team coach and referred me to her. I was flattered. Haha. I mean... I may not be as in shape as the girls on the team... but hey, I can change that... hopefully. Haha. But I think I have as good as shot as anyone else does. I mean, I pick up dance moves very quickly and I've done hip hop for four years and competitive cheerleading for two years... so... that's a lot of experience. And oh yah, I even made a college cheer squad. So that's gotta mean something right? Hopefully that means that I don't suck. Heh. I hope.

So yah... about to go to the gym, then hangin out at Chris' place later tonight. Our usual movie nights. Hehe. How cute.

Have a great Friday, everyone! xoxo

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It gets my blood up [17 May 2005|10:11pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]


Tonight was very... dramatic. HAHA. At least it was for me. First off...

I spent the entire morning finishing my math homework, which I thought I totally understood and I was all happy about it. Went to school. Got back my spanish test. A's on both of em. Good, good. Then I went to math to take a quiz on the shit that I did last night... failed it. HOW THE HELL DO I DO THAT?!??! I swear, these tests are killing me slowly. I might as well be eaten alive slowly by ants. I totally thought I understood it too. I got pretty much all the answers right on the homework. I hate school. I would totally drop out cept I don't wanna be homeless and living off food stamps in the future. God damn it.

However, I went to the group interview for Hollister today. I think I made myself stand out. The interviewer was only 23 and he was really cool. He went to WWU, so when he saw that I cheered for WWU, I got bonus points for that. Plus I was one of the few people who actually brought their resumes. Haha. AND when he asked if anyone had questions, only me and this other girl asked questions... which shows that we aren't afraid to speak up. I really want this job. The discount the first two weeks is 40% off. *drools* We're supposed to hear back tomorrow. LUCK!

Gilmore Girls tonight made me want to punch someone in the face. I wanna kill Rory. What a complete DUMBASS. But Lorelai and Luke?? OMG... I can't believe they just ended it right after the big moment. Well I knew they would.... but they shouldn't have!!! I can't wait til September! I'll shrivel up and die!!! God that's sad how into the shows I am. Damn. I need a life.
Speaking of TV, I actually voted on American Idol tonight. Haha. I kept calling til I heard, "Thanks for voting for me, Carrie!" Haha. Cute.

So yah... it's established. I'm a loser. HAHA.

OMG I've craving cereal.

Good night!

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Okay okay... [17 May 2005|01:32am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey everybody...

I deleted my last entry... cuz it was outta pure rage. HAHA. So all of you who read it and left supportive comments... I luv you all!
While I'm still bitter.... whatever. It was great ranting though... and I loooove my friends who listened. I'm one darn lucky girl. Haha.

But one thing hasn't changed. I'm still suckin ass at math. I really really really dislike math. I hate it with a passion. But I gotta keep trying or I could kiss UW goodbye. HELL NO.

All right... I'm gonna die tomorrow if I don't sleep, like... NOW. Even though it's too late. Damn.

BTW, I have a job interview at Hollister tomorrow. BOOOYAH. That place is like, my haven. HEHE.

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[06 May 2005|01:22pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]


OMG people... just to let you know that I am so extremely sleepy right now. I planned on going straight to bed when I came home from Becca's last night, but I ended up staying online til 2 talking to people... all my boys. Haha. Like, Akira, Anthony, Kevin, Cody, Chris, Danny... all the cool boys in my life. Haha. So after getting offline, I couldn't sleep, so I watched TV for another hour or so. OMG I wanted to kill myself waking up at 7:30 this morning. Geez.

But hey! On a good note... school was cheesy easy today. Math was canceled today, so I only went to sociology and spanish. I love it. I'm so scared. My sociology midterm is in three days. *screams* I'm in some deep trouble now. See, this is why you shouldn't procrastinate. It'll come back and bite you in the ass. Just like it did for me.
There was like, no one in spanish today. It was so weird. My latte was so freakin good. Tasty, tasty.

So who watched the O.C. last night??? Holy crap. Two of the most intense episodes I have ever seen. Kirsten in the car accident at the end??? Yah, we all sat there with our hands over our mouths in shock for about 10 minutes. Haha. It was so sad!!! And I wanted to stab some fuckin characters on the show. Like Caleb, Trey, and Marissa. Marissa is so retarded. GRR!
But all in all, it's always so much fun at Becca's. Hehe. Cept I'm sure I gain about 10 pounds every Thursday from all the pizza we eat. Ew. Haha.

I'm sooo excited. Gonna go see House of Wax later with Chris. I've been waiting forever for this movie to come out. It has hott people in it (Jared Padelecki... I absolutely loooove him, CMM, and Elisha Cuthbert)... plus, it'll make my day to watch Paris Hilton's death scene. Muahahaha.

Anywayz, I gotta pick my brother up from school. Here're some cool things... check em out.

Cool stuff and such...Collapse )

Holy crap everyone... to anyone who cares... you gotta watch this.
This is Galaxy's coed team at Nationals like, a month ago. They are so freakin good. I was eating when I saw this and I almost choked. Haha. And was pretty much in tears. Ahaha. But yah, trust me.. watch it. It's freakin amazing.

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How do I get you alone? [05 May 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Listening to a classic song...

A N Y W A Y S . . .

How has everyone's day been? Mine's been super! Well, besides the fact that my hair doesn't agree with me today (grr), everything has been all right! I actually went to sociology today. Haha. I can tell the teacher hates me now... but oh well. As long as I always get A's on my papers and assignments right? Oh damn, there's still participation points... heh heh heh. Great. Well, the days that I Do go, I actually participate. I talk! All right?!

Spanish class is such a snooze, even though the teacher is awesome. So far everything's a review for me and I'm bored to death. I swear, when I'm in that class, all I do is zone out, try hard not to fall asleep, and for some reason, the Twilight Zone theme always plays in my head. Huh??? Not sure why. It's strange. And to top it off, I bought a cappuchino today before spanish. Not only did I burn my tongue, but it was the worst tasting thing ever. OMG. I wanted to rage. LOL. So instead I spent more money and bought water. GRR. I hate having to pay for water, but hey, anything tops that nasty-ass cappuchino.

Math class was all right. My teacher showed up about 10 minutes late so Sara and I just went and got food. Hehe. My scone is still in my backpack... I should probably go get it before I smash it into a million pieces without my knowledge and then I'll find a nice, crumbly mess at the bottom of my bag later. Haha. Sounds like something I would do...

Two hours of the O.C. tonight!!! I'm so overly exhilerated!!! LoL. 'Cept the trailers showed me many things that I'm sure will have me shouting vulgar words at the TV screen. >:-O YES, I am THAT into it, so shut up.

I really gotta start my sociology paper. I have a midterm in that class on Monday. All the stuff is from the book that we've been assigned to read... and I haven't read more than two pages. I hate assigned reading... especially when it's boring. My paper that's due tomorrow should be no problem though. Nooooo problemo. Hehe. Paper's are my specialty. And I'm about to head down to the Bellevue Library to meet up with Anthony and Kevin so I can help them write their papers. LoL. I loooove going to school with my family and friends. It's cool.

So yah... no more slacking. Gotta get some work done before going to my sexy BECCA's tonight!!! *is excited*

Bye now!

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What's up all my pimps and ho's!? [04 May 2005|09:47pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]


I'm so uber excited because tomorrow night there will be... you ready?... brace yourself... TWO FULL HOURS OF THE O.C.!!! OMG just thinking about it is orgasmic. HAHA... not really, but you know. LoL.
So I'm a loser and I still watch American Idol. Cept I only start watching when they're down to their final 10. Who here was glad that Anthony wasn't voted off tonight? He shouldnt have!!! It's his birthday, damn it! That would've been so cruel! I didn't like Scott... so so long! Carrie or Vonzell HAVE to win!!! You understand?!

School's been kickin me in the ass lately. Why? Couldn't tell ya. But grr... I need to catch up or I can kiss UW good bye.
Oh yes... went clubbing with my girl friends at Catwalk last Friday. It was so much freakin fun!!! It was the first time I didn't mind dancing with guys. Haha. Probably cuz I actually am friends with the guys... haha. Dancing with Akira was awesome... considering I've wanted to since, well, forever. His fuckin girlfriend didn't go. Hahahaha... oh well, doesn't mean anything though. He's my bestest friend.

Things with Cody have cooled. Haha. We're still together, but uh... it's definitely interesting. LOL. Oh well. Don't really care. My love life isn't my main interest nowadays. Oh yah, and I'm hanging out with Chris on Friday. Can't wait. We're still doing great. So yah.

I am sooo friggin sleepy. So I'm gonna head out early. Night!

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YAY! [26 Apr 2005|10:07am]
[ mood | blank ]

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited. My cousin just emailed me my flight number and the dates I'm gonna be there and all that fun stuff. *is excited* I'm arriving June 18th and then coming home the 26th. I'm so excited. Hehe. I especially can't wait til August when I get to go to Hawaii. AAAH!!! I want school to be over with NOW!!!

So updates on my life...

Work has been pretty lame lately cuz they have been really cutting down on people's hours cuz they hire way too many damn people. Grr. They took my Wednesdays away from me so now I work Mondays and Sundays. GAY! I can pretty much kiss my plans of moving out goodbye! I ask for more hours but nooo... damn managers. At this rate, I won't be able to move out til I get engaged. GRR! My paychecks are starting to look pretty sad.
As for my love life, Cody and I are officially dating now. Haha. Yah... took long enough, right? It's been going good so far, cuz you know how it is... couples who're friends first usually work out pretty good. As for the long run, I honestly don't think it'll last that long. For one thing, we only get to see each other... well, not much. We talk on the phone everyday, but it's not the same. It's not like I'm sad about it though cuz I'm a busy person too. We're both just busy people and having a relationship doesn't really help it. Haha. It's worth a shot though. Cuz if not, we'll still always be friends. Whatever way it turns out works for me. But so far... I'm pretty happy with the way things are. It's nice to have someone... uh, again. On a good note, he's looking into moving in with his brother, who lives in Kirkland. So hey, good news right? Right.

Schools all right. I have so much stuff to do this week. Our first big essay is due in sociology on Friday. DAMN. First time I have no idea what to write. Grr. I hate this. I also have a test in spanish tomorrow but that should be cake. And math can just kiss my ass. I hate math.

I gotta get ready to leave. I'm gonna go have lunch with Laurie. So... see ya!

Okay, so I would KILL to be her. LoL. Yah, totally random, but I absolutely love her. Haha.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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School is just so grand, dontcha think? [15 Apr 2005|11:07am]
[ mood | bored ]

What's up everyone?

Not much happenin for me. I got to school around 10:15 today and surprisingly found a parking spot after just a minute of looking. That is such progres. I can already tell today's going to be a good day. Hehe. It's Friday... and who doesn't love Fridays???

I'm in sociology class right now. We're in the computer lab today and I love it. We get to surf the web for articles... and since I found mine pretty early, I have nothing to do. So I'm messaging with some friends through myspace. Haha. I'm so bored.

Plans for today are gettin' me all excited. Some time after school I'm gonna go see The Amityville Horror with some friends, getting dinner, then hanging out with Cody. I haven't seen him since like, January. Things with him and I started to pick up again (NOT like THAT though... like, for real)... but things keep running hot and cold for me when it comes to him. On some days he makes me all giddy and then on some days I'm just like, "Meh..."
And today's one of those days... even though we're hanging out later tonight. Haha. I don't think I'll ever date him, even though he's brought it up like, a million times. He's just not my type. Blah.

It's only 11:12 AM... what to do, what to do?...

I could go find Akira in the cafeteria and go hang out with him... considering I haven't hung out with him since like, the weekend after his birthday. Geez.

Oh yah... Canada last weekend was soooo incredibly much fun. Too bad I got sick last Friday night and could hardly remember how drunk I was the night before. HAHAHA... and last weekend was all just trying to get over the worst hangover on earth. Ew.... if I have to relive that I'll kill myself. Haha.

So yah... I'm tired of typing. Good day everyone! xoxo

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Blah, I hate being sick [05 Apr 2005|09:01am]
[ mood | sick ]

Why the hell am I always getting sick? Maybe my mom's right... I Don't eat enough fruits and veggies. That's probably why. Meh, my immune system sucks balls man. Grr. Sorry, graphic. It's so embarrassing sitting in class and always sniffling and snorting cuz your nose is so effing stuffed up. I'm bitter, sorry. I think I may have gotten my cold from my dad. My dad's really sick too. Actually, I'm not really sick... just normal sick. My throat doesn't hurt this time... I just can't breathe... which is just as bad.

Anywayz, started school at BCC yesterday. I love it. I absolutely love it. The classes are way shorter and I can actually concentrate now. Haha. All my teachers seem really cool. The only thing that sucks is that I only have 10 minutes between each class to get to the next one. I won't have any social time to see my cousin or my friends. Oh well. And my math book weighs about 50 pounds, geezes christ.

So this weekend is all good to go. My friends are going and we all got onto the guestlist at Club Atlantis. *is very excited* It should be so much fun. And did I mention the first 100 girls in on Friday night get a free alcohol drink pass?! RIGHT ON! Hahaha... um, yah. Plus, it's Faith Evan's album-release party that night too. I'm so ecstatic!!! AHH! I can't wait for this week to be over. Then Friday can come and all will be awesome.

Oh yah, so I hate working Monday evenings. I have to work with the most annoying person ever. She's in full-on California Valleygirl mode every single second of her life. Geezes Christ. SOOO ANNOYING. Thank God Monday is only one night a week or I'll kill myself. But on a good note, Becca got hired at Ruby's!!! She's my second TJ Maxx person to be hired there so all will be fun again.

But yah, gotta get ready for school. See ya!

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[01 Apr 2005|04:16pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Work sucked. I hate people. End of story.

Um... okay...Collapse )

On a better note... I'm going to see Sin City in a bit, to see all the pretty people in the movie. Hehe. So yah... bye.

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